Friday, 18 September 2015

London Fashion Week Soho SS16 - The Leopardprintelephant Experience

OH MY GOD !! I WENT TO LONDON FASHION WEEK !! I have been wanting to go for so long and I finally got to see all of its glamorous glory in its new urban and surprising location of Brewers Street car park in Soho. Some may say a controversial location choice due to the fact it is actually a multi story carpark, but if anywhere could pull it off, it would definitely be London.

My task today from Uni was to take pictures of street style and anything that caught our eyes, and this was such a great way to share and show the amazing diversity that London has to offer. Everyone was so open and willing to have their photos taken and to have a chat it was truly humbling. To be asked myself for photos and interviews and to be filmed was so SURREAL like there were famous models just inches from my ginger locks yet they wanted to talk to me I was just like ???????? whAT !!! I will post the links below to some of the shots and videos that were taken and more should be uploaded this weekend so check my Twitter and Instagram for when they go live.

I am off again tomorrow to see what more Soho can throw at me I am so excited! London is such a diverse and edgy arena for such an event and everyone is so open and there is such an amazing correlation between personality and style it's amazing to see and its inspired me to try so many more outfits like there were so many guys who were blurring the boundaries it made me feel so encouraged! Here are a few pictures of my day and like I say check my Twitter and Instagram for more pictures and feelings from today!

VIDEO (oh my god jmy this is so funny I hope you are all crying because I am):

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leopardprintelephant xoxo

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