Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fashion Inspirations and Idols

The media can be a hive of negative and positive energy, taking the Z-List celebs to the heights of stardom, but it can also provide people with idols and inspirations to help themselves flourish. Personally I don't have one person who I idolise but have people who I value in the showbiz world for being themselves and being flawless.

Grace Jones
An icon of the 80s, Grace Jones was one of the main pioneers of breaking the gender binary and creating "confusion" amongst the public about whether or not she was in fact male or female. Her androgynous style and masculine clothing and styling made her a stand out figure of this period, with her images and music being very striking and forward thinking. She influenced the cross dressing scene of the 1980s and made sure that people knew who she was whether they liked it or not.
She is flawless and is SUCH a leading image for me, as still now to this day in her 60s, she is still rocking the androgynous fashions, and encompasses everything I love about fashion - the fact that it is for everyone and that it should not be defined by sex or gender.
She was, and still is, completely herself all the time, and has inspired many modern performers. A true icon through and through.

Laverne Cox

To me, Laverne is one of the most inspirational women on this planet at this time. She is a leader and figurehead of the transgender movement, not just across America, but across the whole world. Her openness and her ability to 100% be herself is awe inspiring as she has no issues about telling people how it is, and displaying the different genders that there are across the spectrum that many people have been unaware of for decades. She has helped so many thousands and millions of people worldwide get the correct medical assistance in going through the changes of the physical transgender transformation that they need, and I for one think she is groundbreaking. I know this subject shouldn't be made into such a big deal because at the end of the day, it's natural and it's just something that happens in real life, but due to the fact that there are millions of ignorant people in the world, it is still a hot topic of debate. How hilarious, someones personal GENDER is hot topic of debate between people who don't know anything about them! Pfft people can be hilarious.

Naomi Campbell

A woman of colour who has stormed the world in the modelling industry, strutting her stuff over catwalks from Milan to Paris, Tokyo to Amsterdam, she has done it all. She never fails to tell it how it is and get straight to the truth which i admire. If you're shit she will tell you, if you're amazing she will tell you, and I love that quality in people. Yes, the truth can be hard to hear sometimes but if it's from a person who has your best interests at heart then it's such a nice thing for them to do because they are looking out for you and willing you to get better. She has never stopped doing the thing she loves, after having hurdle after hurdle thrown at her: her skin colour, her age, her attitude, her ability to walk (lest we forget her infamous fall in 1993 for vivienne westood), and she overcame all of this negative criticism to get to where she is now, the host of American, British and global television series "The Face", a global icon and inspiration and an all round, flawless woman.

All of these people have shown me that by setting a goal for yourself and having a vision for YOURSELF and looking after YOURSELF, you will achieve everything that you want to. It doesn't mean that you're selfish to do things for yourself, if you want to be a top model, an actress, a singer, then you can do it because you believe in yourself and you have set the bar high for yourself and you're not going to stop working for it, and that's what these three women have taught me. Never limit yourself because you can never achieve too much.

leopardprintelephant xoxo

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