Monday, 18 August 2014

New Season - New Wardrobe

autumn winter wonders

autumn winter wonders by jamie-windust

My favourite time of year for fashion is arriving and the outfit ideas are already in full force as autumn is on the horizon. The fact that it's still warm but there's a slight chill in the air means you can throw jackets and coats back into the mix after going bare throughout summer. One thing I am extremely excited to start wearing again is faux fur. Last autumn/winter was when I first started getting back into fashion again, so now i am fully immersed in my own personal style, I can create some killer outfits for this season. Love the idea of bringing a bit of spring into autumn by looking for pastel coloured faux fur jackets, as I have done here with the pastel grey tones.

This outfit I have created to ease you into autumn still keeps a splash of colour from summer so the sun is not truly forgotten. A simple white shirt is transformed into a smart/professional outfit when combined with a classic black skinny jean, with the detailing of the rips making it more eye catching on the legs to define them and make them appear lengthened and longer. The red belt is added to co-ordinate itself with the other three killer items I have popped in. Whenever i'm adding colour to an outfit, I like to work in threes so the colour is defined yet still subtle. These three items consist of one main component (like the shoes here) and then two small accessories to keep the colour that you have chosen constant and running through the whole look, weaving its way through. You can see this here as I have added a pop of red in the form of the ASOS red chelsea platforms, the ASOS red belt and the Valentino leather tote bag. It all accumulates to add a hint of warmness and summer/autumn flare as we are still in between seasons. 

The jewellery and accessories I have added to the look are such a good way to make the outfit sparkle and make it either more casual, or more professional, dependent on the occasion you are wearing it too. The gemstone necklace I have added here makes the outfit great because without the necklace, it is perfect for work or college to make a smart impression, and then add the necklace and you are ready for a night out or a romantic meal with the bae. Necklaces are so versatile honestly they can just switch up an outfit so easily, and can be carried around in handbags or in purses, ready to whip out whenever necessary. The pearl bracelet that I added is also to make the outfit sophisticated and professional, because pearls are always a classy addition. 

This is one of my favourite looks that I will be trying to emulate this autumn, and I have been doing a lot of over time at work this month to be able to pay for my new wardrobe. I hope you have enjoyed this post and there will be a lot more Polyvore posts in the future, along with posts and pictures of my new and upcoming outfits modeled by yours truly.

Much love and glamour, 

leopardprintelephant xoxo 

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