Friday, 5 September 2014

Fashion Look Book - 'Black Is Back'

I recently purchased a pair of ASOS Black skinny jeans and they're one of the best things that I have bought in a long time. To some, the colour (or lack off) causes feelings of darkness and dullness but it is such a great way to smarten up a look and define your shape so you can show off your best assets. I have compiled three ways that I am looking forward to wearing my black jeans this autumn/winter for various occasions for you cherubs.

'that garden party with those fake bitches that you need to look hotter than' look

When I created this outfit i kept thinking "what would i wear if i wanted to turn up to a cute garden party and make an entrance but still keep it summery and floaty so if it's hot i can still breathe????" and this was the result. This top is also one of the best things I bought this summer as it's such a great statement piece and it's so versatile like it looks so good tucked into these black jeans and also looks so good just floating in the breeze. The autumnal colours of the top also make it a great transitional season outfit because it blends you back into autumn/winter, and the jeans also are a great summer/autumn transitional piece because it's just getting cold enough for jeans and black is hot hot HOT. I like the look because the tightness and slimming effect of the black jeans contrasting with the oversized top makes it look elegant and chic whilst the necklace and sunglasses add the extra dazzling icing on top of one very stylish cake.

"i want to look smart but also want to break some hearts" look

As you all know I am a major fan of a blazer, whether it be fitted or oversized, they're great additions to outfits because they just add a smart edge and a feel of Miranda Priestly style dominance. This black, red and blue woolen blazer is great because it has been darted in the middle which sinches it in above the waist to give it a more fitted style and gives your torso and waist some definition and shape. White shirts are always essential wardrobe fillers because like lots of items of clothing that feature on this blog, they're SO versatile and truly are the gift that keeps on giving. The black belt is again making an appearance to split the top from the bottom and just bring in the waist a little more. Here the jeans are a great addition because they act as a smart trouser more than a jean. Black is a very corporate and business bitch colour so a black jean is definitely suitable for a smart ensemble. The best thing about them is that they're so tight on my legs that it really creates a contrast, as we saw in the other two outfits, compared to the top. It tightens in the bottom half which exaggerates the top meaning you're legs will look KILLER. Definitely will be wearing this outfit a lot.

"buy me a skinny decaf soya mocha latte and tell me i'm pretty" look

FUR FUR FUR is my anthem for this season because I can't get enough of it (faux of course). It's so elegant and demands to be clutched and stroked at all times. This outfit makes me feel like a glamorous model who's got a million castings to get to but still needs a cute drink so orders their assistant to go and get their favourite tipple. I teamed the cream/off white faux fur jacket with a crazy abstract purple, black, white and teal shirt and a gold lion statement necklace. Here the jeans add the extra elegance and sophistication from the other outfits, to create a sleek and slimming effect to truly show off the legs. These ASOS jeans are amazing because they're elasticated and stretchy which means they have a slight high waisted feel, meaning they can be pulled up even higher, creating the illusion that your legs are even longer. The belt is also used gain to split the shirt print from the sexy black jean. It's true ok black is slimming and sexy and elegant and honestly is my favourite thing to wear with this fur jacket because who wouldn't want to feel like a world class model???????

To round up this post with a statement of advice, it would be to run now from wherever you are and get yourself some sophisticated black skinny jeans. The versatility from them is exceptional and they're such a great way as I have said to create a sophisticated outfit and make yourself look drop dead GORGEOUS in the street or wherever you find yourself strutting in these next few months. I hope you enjoyed this post because I truly enjoyed taking the pictures and designing these outfits it's thoroughly enjoyable. Love you all to the moon and back you're my angels ily,

leopardprintelephant xoxo

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  1. I love your blog, your style and you! I'm also a fashion blogger/photographer and it'd be awesome if we could collaborate sometime? I think your style is amazing. X