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London Fashion Week - LPEs Highlights

London Fashion Week: 12-16th Septmber 2014 - SS15 Collections

Named as one of the most spectacular and outlandish fashion shows in the world, London Fashion Week has come and gone and left a whirlwind of Spring Summer surprises strewn all over somerset house, it's location in the heart of London. The collections this time around shone an insight into what we will be wearing in Spring Summer 2015. I have chosen a selection of my favourite outfits from the shows across the 5 day event to showcase my opinions on next spring/summers essential wardrobe. 

Tom Ford

 Ford is well known for his use of glamorous, aesthetically pleasing materials and textiles and converting such luxury textiles into a contemporary and modern style. For example, his work shows how you can still keep it extravagant and personal, yet it is still able to be worn for a modern day business woman.

This first piece emulates the 60s rock vibe with the choppy fringe and the smoky cream eyeshadow by Ford, which is still yet to be named. The simplicity of the sheer black shimmer caught the light of the monochrome heavy collection, and catches your eye from every single bejwelling angle. The use of layering also with the top section forming a crop top style piece with a floor length drape, on top of another long sleeved black shimmer piece, teamed with the tight fitting leg which contrasts against the drape of the top creates an effortless flow to the whole piece, and also creates length.

There is a fusion with decades here as it screams 60s with a sneaky splash of 90s as the hair and make up create the rocky 60s rebel look, but accompanied with the rigid shoulders and the square shapes created in the second outfit, it shows how Ford can mix and match from different collections (his own of course) to create a modern and up to date series of outfits.

A good example of this is the formal yet luxury outfit here using the silver and black hues to create a stunning monochromatic look. The cut of the jacket from the shoulder across the collarbone creates sharp lines to create the smart chic look, whilst keeping it rock and roll with the hallucinogenic silvers. The plunge dress with the dramatic v-neck on show is also highlighted by the strength of the shape of the jacket with its angles and formality, to further highlight the plunge.

The mirrored cat walk shows the reflection of the top trend of a lot of SS15 shows this week - flatforms. The platform is such a comfortable shoe to walk in  as it elevates the front of the foot so it is just as high as the back, decreasing the incline of the foot and making it easier to walk in. These black and white flatforms look delicious alongside this outfit, and monochrome will DEFINITELY be on everybody this spring/summer.

Tom Ford is one of the most celebrated and individually captivating fashion designers of the 21st century, combining luxury fashion with everyday looks and quirks. His SS15 collection further embraced this concept and showed us that we will be seeing a lot more monochrome and silver hues this spring. 


 Towards the end of London Fashion Week the Topshop Unique Show captured the eyes of the media due to its high street credentials and the famous faces that were seen on the runway.

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn were the star studded duo who sparkled, showing the new SS15 Topshop collection. The whole idea and outlook of the Topshop show was to extend it out to everyone, even if you weren't at the show. Social media was a big focus of this years event, and Topshop took this concept and ran with it, creating their oxford street window display into a virtual shopping/blogging experience. Passers by were able to tweet alongside the hashtag for London Fashion Week and have their personal experience of the week posted onto the virtualistic window display.

Topshops Oxford Street LFW SS15 Display

Onto the collection, and it shows a complete contrast to what we will be wearing this Autumn/Winter, with SS15 showing a sporty/preppy contrast. Cara is sporting a very "just went of to play tennis and now off for a coffee with the girls" type of look, with the high 90s neck teamed with the frilly above the knee skirt. The detail of the white vest style design on the top creates the illusion that it is a higher and tighter neck, sinching in the top half of her body. The black panel creates the waist and the rest elongates down in sprightly spring frills.

"just went off to play tennis and now off for a coffee with the girls" type of look" 

The sporty vibe continues with this gorgeous pastel bomber jacket. It reminds me of the 90s shell suit look, but completely transforms it into a spring outfit with the use of pastels and deep blues. The effect of using one deep, rich colour amongst pastels is that it accentuates the pastel colours, projecting them out and ensuring everyone HAS to double check you. 

Frills appear to be the new essential addition to skirts for spring, adding a cute school vibe to the collection. Its very organic and wholesome, and is classic spring summer. Although Topshop could be said to not be very daring for the new and innovative London Fashion Week, for a high street chain I would say it is pushing the boundaries in just the right way. 

There is an SS15 Capsule collection straight from the runway HERE 

These fashion  shows needed to be filled up by somebody, and who else better to watch the new collections flutter down the catwalk than the fashion and social elite. Here are a few of my favourite outfits by the ever so glamorous London Fashion Week audience for SS15.




Across the world London Fashion Week is seen as being eclectic and futuristic. It pushes the boundaries just to the point of collapse, and still continues to create hundreds of outfits that will influence what we wear in the following season. Fashion Weeks across the globe are so influential on what we will wear, down to the colours of our socks to the statement jackets, designers such as Tom Ford, Henry Holland, Burberry, Ashish and Mother of Pearl to name a few are all adding their stylistic flair to our lives. The fashion world as we know it would not be the same without them.

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